The 'Twacha Clinic'

About Dr. Singhvi

Dr. Vivek Singhvi is the founder of Twacha Clinic, the Kota based advanced solutions provider for all the skin related conditions across all age groups. Under his guidance, Twacha Clinic has excelled at patient service requirements owing to excellent operational protocols and unparalleled service provisions.

He is having extensive experience of rendering services on both the public sector i.e. Government Hospitals and Private Sector Hospitals including big & renowned names of the Medical Industry. In fact, what led to the transition from being in the Government Service to venturing out solo was the apparent deficit of hundred percent truthful advises being rendered to the patients and the exorbitant & unnecessary expenditures heaped upon such patients.

Dr. Singhvi has been trained for and is experienced in providing the broadest range of cutting-edge dermatology related treatments services and treatments including Diagnosis, Medicinal Treatment, Cosmetic Treatments, Hair Problem Related Treatments and Laser Treatments. Due to the various certifications attained over his vast career and the ‘Cutting Edge Technologies’ he has been exposed to in such time period, Dr. Singhvi has come to renowned for a simple yet effective and innovative approach towards curing skin ailments. Rather than acting as a third party consultancy provider Dr. Singhvi’s support relies mostly on individualized attention to a patients unique requirements and imparting the most suitable reasonable & efficient treatment.

Dr. Singh’s approach is quite simple - he intends to bring changes to the patient's condition – changes that are visible, natural and enduring. This, coupled with his brilliant expertise in the latest technologies including Laser Treatment has made him the preferred guide, mentor and caretaker of both the Gen Y and Gen X alike. In fact, not only the laser treatments rather he has carved a niche for himself for treating all conditions pertaining to the broad spectrum of skin problems like wrinkles, acne scars, Tattoo removal, fine lines removal, Spots & pigmentation to name a few.